Little Hands Day Care Centre

Milton, ON

6:30 AM - 6:00PM

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Milton's Choice Awards Platnium 2016

About Us

Here at Little Hands Daycare we have two centres that provide a full time program. We are located at 824 Thompson Road in Milton. We provide nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks following Canada’s Food Guide. Little Hands is an allergy aware centre.

Little Hands provides before and after school care for School Age children including early release days, PD Days, Christmas break, March break and summer camp. All of our staff employed at Little Hands Daycare are fully trained with First Aid and CPR training, and attend workshops regularly to continue to update their knowledge on child development.

Little Hands participates in a program in Halton called Quality First. Quality First is a program designed where child care staff at our centre use tools to evaluate our classrooms, programs, and ourselves to ensure that Little Hands provides you the best quality care for early childhood. For more information on this program, visit

Program Statement

Little Hands Daycare Centre provides a quality program, recognizing the children as individual, competent and capable learners.

Little Hands strives to:

  1. View each child as an individual, meeting their own individual needs developmentally and as a whole; (meets ss.46(3) a, f, g)
  2. Build trusting and positive relationships that foster a sense of belonging, maintains open and positive communication, consistency and nurtures continuous learning and development with the children, parents/guardians, caregivers, local community partners and educators; (meets ss.46(3) b, c, h, i, j)
  3. Provide a program where the children are able to explore the world around them with their natural curiosity, supported by child-initiated and adult-supported experiences; (meets ss.46(3) d, e)
  4. Document and reflect on the effectiveness of our program. (meets ss.46(3) j, k)

In our programs, you will see:

  • A safe and challenging play based learning environment, planned and created by the educators who are taking into consideration each child’s learning style and developmental level while planning experiences within their program to support the varying abilities and needs of all children within their classrooms. The educators encourage and support the children’s exploration, inquiry and play by providing the children a variety of materials and experiences that allows them choose what interests them, while implementing new concepts or ideas, skills and experiences in order to enhance the children’s knowledge and development. We promote expanding the children’s learning experiences by incorporating indoor and outdoor active play. (supports goals 1 & 3)
  • The children’s individual needs are respected and taken into consideration at all times while the children are attending our program, including dietary needs, as well as quiet and/or rest time. (supports goal 1)
  • Posting on the Kindertales Program/App regarding each child’s day, including documenting their diapering/toileting, dietary and sleep/rest routines from each day. Photo’s documenting the children engaged in play will also be posted on the Kindertales Program/App. (supports goal 2 & 4)
  • Educators who continue to expand on their professional knowledge, including but not limited to maintaining Standard First Aid & CPR certifications, Continuous Professional Learning with the College of Early Childhood Educators for all RECE’s, professional learning sessions, etc. (supports goal 2)

In our programs, you will hear:

  • Regular communication, exchange of information and conversations with parents/guardians and local community partners to work collaboratively with families as they bring valuable ideas and perspectives to enhance our program. (supports goal 2)
  • Conversations between the children and educators, followed by posing open ended questions to encourage the children to deepen their thought process, learning experiences and investigate further through the children’s own play. (supports goal 3)

In our programs, you will feel:

  • Support from our educators and staff in parents/guardians role as a primary caregivers and understand the needs of each child as an individual. (supports goal 2)
  • A warm, supportive and inclusive environment for all children, parents/guardians, caregivers, local community partners and educators, that fosters a sense of belonging by being able to connect and contribute together. (supports goal 1 & 2)

Updated March 2023

Waitlist Policy and Procedure

Little Hands Daycare Centre has developed a waitlist policy and procedure to establish and maintain transparent guidelines to all families inquiring and showing interest in our program. We operate our waitlist through our childcare software program, which is organized by date added to the list. Families who would like to be added to our waitlist can inquire with the Little Hands Management team on our contact page, or by visiting us on our inquire now page and filling out the form.

Once we have received your inquiry submission, Little Hands Management will be in touch with you to confirm our availability or to add you to our waitlist if you wish. Please note that there is no fee to be added to the waitlist.

Any spaces projected to be available for the Infant program can be reserved any time on a first come, first serve basis. Toddler and Preschool aged children are added directly to the waitlist.

When a space becomes available, the order of offering out the space is as follows:

  1. Families who are currently enrolled in our program who have requested a change in attendance or location, or were offered a temporary space.
  2. Families who are currently enrolled in our program who have a sibling seeking entry or staff members children.
  3. Families who are on the waitlist, offered in the order of when children were added to our waitlist.
  4. Families inquiring on care who are not on the waitlist at the time.

The Little Hands Management team will contact the families on the waitlist by email on a quarterly basis to see if they would like to remain on the waitlist or be removed to maintain a current and up to date waitlist. If we have not heard back from families 10 business days after contact was made, they will be removed from the wait list.

Families can contact the Little Hands Management team to see where on the waitlist they are at that time. At no time will Little Hands Management give any information about other children or families on the waitlist in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the children and families listed on our waitlist.

Should a space become available, we will email the family from the waitlist who is being offered the space through our Kindertales program, which will include all information on the space available for what we can offer. Families have 48 hours from the email offering the space to respond back to us to either schedule a tour to move forward with the potential of reserving the space or informing us they would like to decline the space offered. Should we not hear back from the family who was offered the space within 48 hours, we will automatically move on to the next child on the waitlist.