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Little Hands Day Care Centre

Milton, ON

6:30 AM - 6:00PM

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About Us

Here at Little Hands Daycare we have two centres that provide full time and part time child care. We are located at 824 Thompson Road in Milton. We provide nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks following Canada’s Food Guide. Little Hands is an allergy aware centre.

Little Hands provides before and after school care for School Age children including early release days, PD Days, Christmas break, March break and summer camp. All of our staff employed at Little Hands Daycare are fully trained with First Aid and CPR training, and attend workshops regularly to continue to update their knowledge on child development.

Little Hands participates in a program in Halton called Quality First. Quality First is a program designed where child care staff at our centre use tools to evaluate our classrooms, programs, and ourselves to ensure that Little Hands provides you the best quality care for early childhood. For more information on this program, visit

Program Statement

Little Hands Daycare Centre provides a quality program, recognizing the children as individual, competent and capable learners.

We use an emergent based curriculum in our programs. This curriculum, which is child initiated, follows the children’s interests in creating an inquiry based environment that is educational, engaging, flexible and positive. Educators carefully observe children’s interactions with the classroom materials, each other and the educators in order to set up and support a play environment that is developmentally appropriate. This will promote having a setting full of diverse varieties of materials and experiences for both the children and educators to encourage exploration, observation and the gathering of information to expand on their experiences. This practice is supported and pulled from How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years (2014), which is consistently used as a foundational resource within our program.

While planning and creating the classroom learning environments, educators will take into consideration each child’s learning style and developmental level while choosing materials and planning experiences within their programs to support the varying abilities and needs of all children within their classrooms. This will be completed through observations and anecdotal notes the educators document down daily. These documented notes will be reflected upon and used by the educators to create the classrooms projected program plan for the following week, as well as to adjust or alter the classroom environment as the children in their program develop or their needs and/or interests change.

We strive to provide a child oriented program, promoting independence, respect, positive self-confidence and image, giving each child the opportunity to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, creatively and physically. Our educators nurture the children’s development and support the formation of their personal growth, including recognizing and supporting the children’s ability to self-regulate by labelling their emotions. We will also encourage the formation of the children’s self help skills within each appropriate stage when they are developmentally ready, such as feeding themselves, getting themselves dressed and undressed for daily routines, toilet training, etc.

Little Hands encourages to have a positive influence on the children’s health and well-being by providing a safe and challenging learning environment to develop a successful, confident self-image for each child, while encouraging the child to explore and respect the diverse world around them. We provide nutritious meals and snacks following the Canada’s Food Guide by partnering with our catering company Yummy Catering. The children’s individual needs are respected and taken into consideration at all times during the day while attending our program, including all dietary limitations or exemptions, as well as quiet and/or rest times. We promote expanding the children’s learning experiences by incorporating indoor and outdoor active play.

Little Hands strives to work collaboratively with families as they bring valuable ideas and perspectives to enhance our program. This builds trusting relationships that foster a sense of belonging and maintains open communication and consistency with the parents. We offer semi-annual Parent/Teacher Interviews for all families in the evenings to allow parents the opportunity to receive a completed developmental checklist and to speak to their child’s teacher(s) one on one without other interruptions which is not always available during program hours. Little Hands also holds Mother’s Day breakfasts, Father’s day breakfasts, a Family BBQ in the summer and a Christmas Concert before the holiday season on an annual basis.

Little Hands encourages continuous and ongoing open communication with all parents/guardians of the children enrolled in our program. Written communication books are completed daily for all children in the Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs and gone over with parents/guardians at the end of the day, documenting their diapering/toileting, dietary and sleep/rest routines from the day. Telephones are available in all classrooms so parents/guardians are able to connect with their child’s educators at all times during operating hours.

Using connections of local support groups within our community, we are able to share contact information and pamphlets, to help parents, children and staff to achieve a higher level of quality support and care. Little Hands Management will ensure this information is kept current, up to date and available in the office. This will allow for all parents and staff requesting support to be provided a brochure/pamphlet or to be directed to the group/agency the child, family and/or classroom requires, up to and including behavioural, speech or developmental needs and classroom support.

Educators who are warm, supportive, knowledgeable and compassionate are key qualities needed to provide a positive, engaging and flexible learning environment to support the children’s growth and development. All Little Hands employees and volunteers, including placement students, are required to have a Police Vulnerable Sector Check completed prior to entering our program. All of our Early Childhood Educators are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators. First aid training, including infant and child CPR is also a requirement for all employee’s, including all program and non-program staff. Our educators are dedicated to continue and expand on their professional knowledge by regularly attending professional learning trainings and workshops throughout the year.

Little Hands will ensure that all staff, including both program and non-program staff, volunteers and students will read and review the programs statement prior to entering the program and on an annual basis, as well as anytime changes have been made. Parents/guardians enrolled in the program will also receive an updated copy of the Little Hands Program Statement as changes are made, and will sign a document that they have also read and reviewed the revised statement. Little Hands Management will complete regular observations in the classrooms to ensure that all items documented in this program statement are being completed and followed. All educators, both program and non-program staff, volunteers and students will be evaluated on their compliance to the program statement semi-annually. Based on the observations noted above, the results of the semi-annual evaluations, as well as suggestions from the employee’s and families involved in the program will be taken into consideration for any and all changes to be made as they are impacted by all items included in this program statement.

Approved by the Licensee. A signed and dated copy of the Program Statement can be found posted by our License from the Ministry of Education. - Updated December 2016

Waitlist Policy and Procedure

Little Hands Daycare Centre has developed a waitlist policy and procedure to establish and maintain transparent guidelines to all families inquiring and showing interest in our program. We operate our waitlist through our childcare software program, which is organized by requested start date and date added to the list. Families who would like to be added to our waitlist can contact anyone in Little Hands Management team via telephone or email, where we can then walk you through the waitlist process to gather the information required to be added to the list. Please note that there is no fee to be added to the waitlist.

When a space becomes available, the order of offering out the space is as follows:

  1. Families who are currently enrolled in our program who have requested a change in attendance or location.
  2. Families who are currently enrolled in our program who have a sibling seeking entry.
  3. Families who are on the waitlist for months prior to and including the month the space is available.
  4. Families inquiring on care who are not on the waitlist at the time.

The Little Hands Management team will contact the families on the waitlist for the months prior to and including that current month on a monthly basis to see if they would like to remain on the list or be removed to maintain a current and up to date waitlist. If we have not heard back from families 10 business days after contact was made, they will be removed from the wait list.

Families can contact the Little Hands Management team to see where on the waitlist they are at that time. At no time will Little Hands Management give any information about other children or families on the waitlist in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the children and families listed on our waitlist.